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Liou, W. K., Bhagat, K. K. & Chang, C. Y.* (2016). Beyond the flipped classroom: A Highly Interactive Cloud-classroom (HIC) embedded into basic materials science courses. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 25(3), 460–473. (SCI) (SSCI) [2015 IF = 1.124,80/231 (前35%) in education & educational research]
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Rundgren, C. J., Chang Rundgren, S. N., Tseng, Y. H., Lin Pei-Ling, & Chang, C. Y.* (2012). Are you SLiM? – Developing an instrument for civic scientific literacy measurement (SLiM) based on media coverage. Public Understanding of Science, 21(6), 759-773. (SSCI).
[2015 IF = 1.904,12/79 (前15%) in communication and 3/44 (前7%) in history & philosophy of science]
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[2015 IF = 2.881,9/231 (前4%) in education & educational research]

*corresponding author