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1 2020

Wahono, B., Lin, P. L., & Chang, C. Y.* (2020). Evidence of STEM enactment effectiveness in Asian students’ learning outcomes. International Journal of STEM Education. 736 (2020). doi:10.1186/s40594-020-00236-1. (SSCI) (SCIE)

Times Cited→Scopus:7、Google Scholar:19

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2 2020

Cheng, P. H., Yeh, T. K.*, Chao, Y. K., Lin, J., & Chang, C. Y.* (2020). Design ideas for an issue-situation-based board game involving multirole scenarios. Sustainability12(5), 2139. doi:10.3390/su12052139 (SCI) (SSCI)

Times Cited→Scopus:3、Google Scholar:2
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3 2019

Wu, L. Y., Wu, S. P., & Chang, C. Y.* (2019). Merging science education into communication: Developing and validating a scale for Science Edu-Communication Utilizing Awareness, Enjoyment, Interest, Opinion formation, and Understanding Dimensions (SEC-AEIOU). Sustainability, 11(17), 4551-4567. (SCI) (SSCI)

Times Cited→Scopus:1、Google Scholar:1

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4 2019

Lee, L. C., Su, M. T., Cho, Y. C., Lee-Chen, G. J., Yeh, T. K.*, Chang, C. Y.* (2019). Multiple epigenetic biomarkers for evaluation of students’ academic performance. Genes Brain and Behavior. 2019 (e12559).  doi: 10.1111/gbb.12559 (SCI)


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5 2016

Chien, Y. T., Chang, Y. H., & Chang, C. Y.* (2016). Do we click in the right way? A meta-analytic review of clicker-integrated instruction. Educational Research Review, 17, 1-18. (SSCI)

Times Cited→Scopus:59、Google Scholar:122
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6 2012

Rundgren, C. J., Chang Rundgren, S. N., Tseng, Y. H., Lin, P. L. & Chang, C. Y.* (2012). Are you SLiM? – Developing an instrument for civic scientific literacy measurement (SLiM) based on media coverage. Public Understanding of Science, 21(6), 759-773. (SSCI)

Times Cited→Scopus:26、Google Scholar:42

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7 2010

Chang, Y. H., Chang, C. Y.* & Tseng, Y. H. (2010). Trends of science education research: An automatic content analysis. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 19(4), 315-331. (SSCI, SCI-expanded)


Times Cited→Web of Science :70 ,Scopus :80,Google 學術搜尋:240
8 2009

Yeh, T. K., Chang, C. Y.*, Hu, C. Y., Yeh, T. G. & Lin, M. Y. (2009). Association of catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) polymorphism and academic achievement in a Chinese cohort. Brain and Cognition, 71, 300-305. (SSCI, SCI)

Times Cited→Scopus:36、Google Scholar:48

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9 2008

Wang, H. C.*, Chang, C. Y.* & Li, T. Y. (2008). Assessing creative problem-solving with automated text grading. Computers & Education, 51(4), 1450-1466.(SCI, SSCI). (NSC 95-2524-S003-012)

Times Cited→Scopus:58、Google Scholar:112
This article was honored as one of the NSC’s 50 Great Achievements.

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10 2006

Chang, C. Y.*, Hsiao, C. H. & Barufaldi, J. P. (2006). Preferred-actual learning environment ‘spaces’ and earth science outcomes in Taiwan. Science Education, 90(3), 420-433. (SSCI) (NSC 94-2511-S-003-028)

Times Cited→Scopus:33、Google Scholar:60

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