Ting-Kuang Yeh (Institute of Marine Environmental Science and Technology, NTNU)


Chia-Li Chen (Debra)

Li-Ching Lee


Huei-Yu Chang

Yu-Hsuan Chien

Yi-Chen Lin

Terrence Wong

Xing-Ying Huang






Graduate Institute of Science Education (GISE)
No Academic Year Name Title
1 110 Mei-Chun Lin Exploring Relationships among Self-Regulation, Self-Efficacy, Emoji, and Content Knowledge of Elementary School Students via the Go-Lab Platform
2 110 Hsiang-Hu Liu An Exploration on "Science News Production and Broadcasting" Situational Learning Module
3 110 Chi-Feng Lin Modularizing and Implementing Science Museum Outreach Programs
4 109 Nguyen Thi To Khuyen

Teachers’ professional developments and enactments in STEM education: Adaptation and reflections from theoretical to practice

5 109 Hsin-Chueh Chen Exploring Diverse Views of Taiwanese Christians on Evolution and Teaching Evolution from the Perspectives of Worldview and Social Constructivism
6 108 John Yung-Sung Cheng Exploring Cognitive Enhancement through Different Teaching and Learning Programs
7 108 Bevo Wahono Act Locally, Think Regionally, and Contribute Globally through STEM Education: An Inter-related Study Case of Indonesian Science Teachers and Students
8 108 Wen-Shian Lee Design and Application of Augment Reality-enriched OLEST
9 108 Jen-Che Tsai The design and practice of a board game for socioscientific issues
10 107 Ping-Han Cheng Science Board Games and their possible e”X”tensions
11 104 Kaushal Kumar Bhagat Students’ Perceptions towards Online Learning in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective
12 103 Yu-Ta Chien Engaging Students in Science Learning with Clickers: The Good, the Bad, and the Future


Department of Earth Sciences
No Academic Year Name Title
1 107 Huang-Ching Wu MOST for LESS: The Next Generation of Scientific Literacy Assessment
2 101 Chien-Hua Hsiao Exploring the Effects of Self-Efficacy Infusion on 10th Graders’ Learning Outcomes in Earth Science
3 100 Ming-Chao Lin Factors impacting student learning in a virtual learning environment
4 99 Mei-Hsin Lin

A Correlative Study for the Epistemic Beliefs, Science Text Comprehension and Argumentation ability among Elementary Students

5 99 Ting-Kuang Yeh Education-Cognitive Science-Neuroscience-Molecular Biology Integrated Research Framework: A Preliminary Study from Dopamine to Learning Behavior
6 98 Wen-Chi Lee Investigating earth science teaching status quo and expected earth science literacy of students in the secondary school
7 97 Min-Hsien Lee

Nested ecology: High school students’ scientific epistemological beliefs, metacognitive awareness, conceptions of learning science and their conceptions of science assessment

8 96 Chao-Ming Huang

The development of cognitive structures for elementary school students: An experimental study of inquiry-oriented instruction

9 95 Ying-Tien Wu

High school students’ informal reasoning on the debates of nuclear power usage, with an investigation on the effects of on-line inquiry activities


Department of Physics
No Academic Year Name Title
1 108

Yu-Hsien LEE

The Development and Implementation of Physics Teaching Modules with Interactive Response System and Inquiry Activities