Research Career and the Important Academic Achievement Research Projects


Academic Collaboration




  • 2011.11.21

    JATIS Representatives(日鐵技術資訊中心) Visiting Science Education Center

  • 2011.11.17-18

    NTNU-HU-SNU Joint Symposium on Science Education — Broadening Horizons through Asian Dialogues

  • 2011.05.02

    Dr. Barufaldi’s experience of the Augmented Reality (AR) technology

  • 2011.05.02

    Dr. Barufaldi’s experience of the Virtual Reality (VR) technology

  • 2011.03.29

    Dr. Barufaldi’s, Director of Center for Science and Mathematics Education of the University of Texas, Austisn, visiting to Science Education Center.

  • 2011.03.29

    Mr. Halder's, a Ph.D. candidate, visiting to Science Education Center